The paper industry

The paper industry

Our product portfolio for the paper industry consists of a wide range of ropes, a no less diverse selection of accessories and a range of personal safety equipment.

When selecting a rope, it is essential to take into account both the machine specification and its specific part, as well as the production conditions. Depending on these variables, the best choice is either a universal rope or a rope with increased resistance to the specific external influences. Also important is the paper weight and the required adhesion - in this respect you can choose between ropeswith a core and without one. For instructions on selecting the correct rope, see section on carrier ropes.

The accessory will make it easier for you to splice the rope and its subsequent introduction. The skilled installation of the rope will not only significantly increase the rope’s lifetime, but will also contribute to a longer paper machine lifetime and to higher production efficiency. The use of specific products is described in the section on accessories .

People deserve even more care than the care you take when choosing a rope and installing it. That is why at you will also find a wide range of certified protective equipment, which we discuss in more detail in the chapter on personal protective equipment.

Should you find you’re grappling with any of the categories, or would appreciate looking at it from a different angle, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice.

Paper weight
Paper adhesion
Rope lifetime
Resistance to chemicals
Directline UNO Directline UNO

A basic rope with unique construction and low elongation.

Directline DUO Directline DUO

A basic rope with a unique construction, core and low elongation.

Powerline UNO Powerline UNO

A basic rope with an easy splice.

Powerline DUO Powerline DUO

A basic rope with an easy splice and good grip.

Superline UNO Superline UNO

Universal rope resistant to elongation.

Superline DUO Superline DUO

A universal, shape-resistant, elongation-resistant rope with good grip.

Doubleline UNO Doubleline UNO

Rope with increased abrasion resistance.

Doubleline DUO Doubleline DUO

A shape stable rope with increased abrasion resistance.

Extraline UNO Extraline UNO

 High grip rope.

Extraline DUO Extraline DUO

A shape stable rope with high grip.

Technoline UNO Technoline UNO

Rope with the utmost resistance to abrasion and breakage.

Technoline DUO Technoline DUO

A shape stable rope with high resistance to abrasion and breakage.

Gripline Gripline

Rope with increased grip.

Safegrip Safegrip

Shape stable rope with increased grip.

Compact UNO Compact UNO

Chemically resistant rope.

Compact R Compact R

Chemically resistant rope with good grip.


A rope for use in extreme temperatures.


A shape stable rope for use in extreme temperatures.

Slings Slings

Polyamide webbing sling used to create an anchor point.

AZ 011 steel carabiner AZ 011 steel carabiner

Steel carabiner with screw lock.

ABM 2L/ABM 2RL energy absorber ABM 2L/ABM 2RL energy absorber

Energy absorber with two fasteners and a length adjuster.


Durable and waterproof universal bag for carrying material.


Safety helmet for working at heights with maximum protection.

Spare blades for safety knife Spare blades for safety knife

Blades for the safety knife for cuttingpaper industry ropes.

Pulleys Pulleys

Pulleys for paper carrier ropes.

LX2 harness LX2 harness

A universal type of harness with a wide range of positioning elements.

Optirings Optirings

To reduce groove depth.

Rope stretchers Rope stretchers

Paper carrier ropetensioner.

Ragger rope Ragger rope

Rope tether for dirt removal.

Pulper rope Pulper rope

Cleaning rope designed for Pulper-Rope Cutters.

Splicing needle Splicing needle

Needles to make rope splicing easy.

Rope tensioner Rope tensioner

Tensioning device for rope splicing

BIG FISH safety knife BIG FISH safety knife

A knife with a special shape for cutting paper carrier ropes.

Scissors Scissors

Scissors for rope shortening.

Rope cart Rope cart

3-reel rope cart  for feeding ropes.

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