Technoline UNO

Category: Products  | Paper carrier ropes  | Ropes without inner core

Construction: coreless braided rope
Material: aramid + polyamide 

Special rope for maximum lifetime on the worst sections of the machines.
Technoline – rope with unique construction, made with built-in aramid fiber. This rope provides maximum lifetime.


  • due to the aramid component contributes to exceptional resistance to paper coating chemicals and reliable and long-lasting resistance to moisture and temperatures up to 180 °C
  • the rope provides very high wear resistance
  • Technoline is universal rope, can be used in all machine sections, where longer rope lifetime is required
DiameterWeight [g/m]
Length on a reel [m/ft]
Rope tension [kg]
8.5 mm
28.1600/1.96830 - 40
10 mm
36.0600/1.96840 - 50
11 mm
54.1500/1.64050 - 60
12 mm66.7400/1.31260

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