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Personal safety devices

When working on a roof, whilst suspended or in confined spaces, safety is paramount. Under the TENDON brand we manufacture static ropes, but we also focus on other equipment for safe work.

Our range includes ropes that are resistant to temperatures up to 400 °C and short-term exposure to open flames, ropes with increased cut resistance and ropes with a stronger braid that are more resistant to abrasion. You will appreciate TENDON static ropes wherever there is a risk of mechanical damage from sharp edges or falling objects damaging their integrity.

With our carabiners, fall arresters, self-retracting systems or our evacuation devices you can be safe and sound on any job.

As part of our services we also provide:

  • regular reviews of personal safety equipment,
  • mandatory training for working at heights,
  • training to suit your individual requirements,
  • consulting, warranty and after-warranty service,
  • training for revision technicians,
  •  tailored solutions in the field of collective safety.

See our products in action:


Safety is important when working , so it is always advisable to choose personal safety equipment according to the type of use. We have put together a range of equipment for you to when working suspended in the air, in confined spaces, when climbing structures or when working on roofs .

Personal safety devices


See for our range of TENDON static ropes, which are an essential part of working at height. In addition to these ropes, we also offer anchoring systems and personal safety equipment to keep you safe while working .

Advice and tips

Some advice and tips on caring for ropes and harnesses.

Personal safety devices


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