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Tree care

The first thing about professional work in treetops is that it must be safe. Whether it's caring for trees - cutting them down or pruning them, or it's tree climbing, TENDON ropes meet the strictest safety criteria. They are developed in tandem with experts in the field.

Thanks to special production technology, the static ropes of the TIMBER series are:

  • more resistant to abrasion, thus increasing their durability,
  • more resistant to the higher temperature that can be caused by the rope rubbing against the prusik,
  • easy to braid.

Thanks to the modified braid design, the TIMBER rope holds better in the prusik and the bright colours guarantee great visibility of the rope.

The TIMBER lowering ropeis designed for  pruning, it is greatly appreciated for its high strength and softness.

We also recommend these essential accessoriesfor tree surgeons, such as lashings, anchor loops, treads or pulleys.


In this section you will find a range of ropes, but also all the necessary accessories to make your work easier.

Advice and tips

Some advice on static ropes and harnesses.

Tree care
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