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Kamila Gregorczyk

Handling loads

 For efficient, but above all safe handling of loads, we can offer our customers a lifting sling that we have developed made of HMPE material, whose properties surpass standard steel ropes  in several ways. It is extremely strong, yet relatively lightweight and low maintenance. In addition, it is easy to handle, which makes it significantly safer compared to steel ropes. That's why today we supply it to the heavy, car, warehousing or transport industries, and that includes shipping.

In addition to our flagship lifting sling, we also offer non-slip elastic braided ropes for securing loads or braided ropes with high weather resistance.

To maximize safety in the workplace, we also offer a range of personal protection products that together form a systemic solution to reduce or eliminate potential risks.  Regular inspections, training, consulting, warranty and after-warranty service or customized solutions are a matter of course.  We realize that the reliability of our products is essential for us. 


We supply lifting slings for example to the car, heavy, transport and warehouse industries. But also in offshore/at-sea and shipping industries. All these industries appreciate the ropes’ strength and easy handling.

Handling loads


Learn about the revolutionary advantages of our lifting slings, which we manufacture directly to suit the use and operation, or see the auxiliary elastic braided ropes or ropes for pulleys in the accessories section.

Advice and tips

Looking at the individual tiny filaments, it is hard to imagine how a collection of them in the form of a lifting loop can support such a colossal weight. The secret lies not only in the properties of the material, but also in the care we take during production. Check out the attached video to see the emphasis our staff puts into the  details. We're sure you'll marvel at their skill and the honest handiwork that is central to bespoke manufacturing.

Handling loads


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