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Steeplejack work

When working at heights, but also when securing persons above an open space, it is very important to ensure safety and the work runs smoothly. TENDON static ropes, which are developed in cooperation with experts and our users, meet the strictest standards thanks to technological modifications.

Our range includes ropes that are resistant to temperatures up to 400 °C and short-term exposure to open flames, ropes with increased cut resistance and ropes with a stronger braid that are more resistant to abrasion. You will appreciate TENDON static ropes wherever there is a risk of mechanical damage from sharp edges or falling objects damaging their integrity.

In addition to static ropes, we also offer personal safety equipment, such as harnesses, fall arresters, helmets and blockers, which are an integral part of working at height.

You can see our products in action in the following video:

TIPS for you:

When you buy a new static rope and it looks like you will have to use it for the first time in a damp or wet environment, we recommend washingthe rope first. This will rid the rope of the slippery additives (used in the production of PA fibres) that are released from the rope when it first comes into contact with a humid environment.

Recommended: TENDON Rope cleaner.


Choose a high quality and safe rope for working at heights and add the necessary accessories. All in one place .

Advice and tips

Do you know when is the right time to use a static rope? Did you know that there is a light inside the rope to tell its age? Download our advice and tips  to learn everything you need to know.

Steeplejack work


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