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The paper industry

 We are a long-established manufacturer of paper carrier ropes, which we design and develop ourselves in close cooperation with our customers. We rigorously test our ropes, which we supply to customers all over the world, in our own laboratory, carefully measuring their diameter, span, weight, strength and ductility. By choosing a rope that is  based on the machine’s parameters you will significantly extend its life. This also minimizes the risk of unplanned machine downtime, which is a completely unnecessary expense.

 Naturally, our ropes, whose production is based on standardized processes with zero tolerance for manufacturing deviation, must also be taken care of from time to time. However, unlike the unplanned downtime of your machine, which you can avoid thanks to regular service, this technical support is exclusively our concern. We will show you the correct rope splice, measure the tension, inspect the ropeway and audit thefunctionality and operation of the paper ropes. Of course, we provide the relevant training, seminars, splicing instructions and appropriate recommendations.


Each production in which paper ropes are used has certain specifics. We are happy to help you choose the rope that best suits your needs and is suitable for your machines.

The paper industry


In this section, dedicated to papermaking, you can choose from a wide range of paper carrier ropes and accessories. However, you will also find protective equipment, which is an essential part of health protection in paper production and paper machine operation.

Advice and tips

We will be happy to help you chose the rope so that the chosen product best matches the specific part of your paper machine. Together the right selection, splicing and management give the carrier rope not only higher performance, but above all a longer service life.

The paper industry


Download the documents to help you make your choice or answer any questions you may have.

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