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Overhead power transmission lines

An overhead power line operates as a channel to transfer electromagnetic waves of varying voltage levels across a variety of distances, environments, and landscapes to supply electrical power where it is needed.

The use of steel cables for power lines is challenging and often dangerous. That is why we have developed the ENERGO range of textile ropes for installation of overhead power  transmission lines. Thanks to their structure, low weight and surface treatment, these ropes not only fully replace their steel counterparts, but also make installation much easier. Because they are safe to use, the risk of damage to health and property is also reduced. In addition to rigorous testing, the quality of the ropes is demonstrated by their successful use in practice. Choose the rope that fits your installation needs and see for yourself:

In addition to ropes for installation of overhead power  transmission lines, you can also use the auxiliary ropes for lifting and clamping the material. A range of personal safety equipment,  such as harnesses, carabiners, fall arresters and helmets, together with our ropes, will ensure that your work is not only easier but also safer.

The basic principle of the use of energo ropes when applied to overhead power lines

See how the ENERGO FORCE rope fared in testing compared to a regular rope:



Each of our ropes for installations of overhead lines has a different specification and thus  a different form of optimal use. This means you can easily choose the one that best suits your installation plans.

Overhead power transmission lines


In our wide range you will find not only ropes for installations of overhead lines, but also auxiliary ropes for transporting material and ropes for fixing. The extensive selection of ropes is complemented by an equally diverse range of personal safety equipment, which is an integral part of working at height.

Advice and tips

Do you know what is the difference between regular and high tensile rope? Check out footage from our thorough testing, which will tell you more than lengthy paragraphs of text ever can.

Overhead power transmission lines


Download a concise and clear summary of the specifications of the individual ropes from our range, which you can easily send to your colleagues or business partners, or browse through some of the comprehensive materials that cover our products in more detail.

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