About us

Who we are?

We are a manufacturer of quality Czech ropes and a reliable business partner with a long-term tradition - we started making the first ropes in Bolatice back in 1949. At present, we not only manufacture ropes but also develop them ourselves. It is also thanks to this that we are able to offer quality products, comprehensive services and ongoing innovation to our clients.

What kind of ropes and fibres do we make?

We make technologically advanced products from various technical textile fields. From high-strength polypropylene fibres to marine, mountain-climbing or rescue ropes.
In each assortment, we specialize in niche markets, quick delivery not only of custom products, but also in time. We ensure the requirements and needs of our customers are fully resolved in a high-quality, quick and precise manner. At the same time, we strive to create adequate resources also for the further development of the company in compliance with the development of the quality of our employees and also protect the environment in the process.

Ship building and marine industry Ship building and marine industry
Fishing industry Fishing industry
Technical textile industry (nets) Technical textile industry (nets)
Mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering
Building and constuction industry Building and constuction industry
Agriculture Agriculture
Sport Sport
Hobby and leisure time Hobby and leisure time

Our history

1949 - start of rope production in Bolatice
1958 - establishment of JUTA
1990 - establishment of the autonomous entity LANEX
1992 - privatization of the state-owned enterprise LANEX
1995 - certification of the company according to ISO 9001
1998 - start of production of dynamic and static ropes
2000 - establishment of the first foreign subsidiary company LANEX Polska Sp. z. o. o.
2010 - establishment of the foreign subsidiary LANEX- KANAT in Russia
2014 - sale of LANEX to Rudolf Bochenek
2017 - integration of LANEX into the BR GROUP

We are an export company

The primary business strategy has been proexport oriented since the beginning of the 90s. We based the building of the European format company on specialization, development, application of new technologies, quality and flexibility. We sell our ropes in more than 80 countries worldwide, whereas the dominant share goes to the EU and Russian markets. Exports make up 85 % of our turnover.

Our vision and results

Our vision is to ensure the long-term development of the company. We want to continuously improve the quality of our customer-focused approach, innovative solutions and develop employees’ potential. Thanks to this, from 2024, we want to reach a turnover of CZK 1 billion for the LANEX Group.

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