Carrier ropes

Carrier ropes

Our range of paper carrier ropes is quite wide, and that is why we would like to devote a few words to describing just a few steps to make the best choice and maximize the benefits the selected rope brings to your production.

The first step is choosing the actual rope. The most important factors in this case are the production conditions and the type of paper machine. Generally, our ropes are divided into two groups - with a core (DUO) and without a core (UNO). Ropes with cores are rounder, have higher strength, do not twist and hold paper better, and are therefore suitable for higher paper weights and machines with higher speeds. As for the paper machine itself, it is necessary to take into account both its type and, in particular, the production part in which the rope will be used. Our overview table will help you in this regard. Depending on the manufacturing conditions, you can then choose either a universal rope or a rope with increased resistance to external influences. Examples of such external influences are abrasion, chemicals or high temperature. All of which the ropes can withstand.

Once you have chosen a rope that is fully compatible with your machine and the manufacturing conditions, it is essential to make sure it is precisely spliced and then fed  into a cleaned rope run. This task is made much easier by the accessories we offer. Our certified personal safety equipment, such as webbing loops, carabiners, fall arresters or harnesses, will ensure that the operation is not only perfectly carried out from a technical point of view, but also from a safety point of view.

If you would like to make a real difference for safety and technical efficiency, we will be happy to carry out a comprehensive audit of the paper machine, select the appropriate rope and recommend the best tension. Of course, in such a case, your operators will also be trained in rope splicing.

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