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Do you need to hang, fasten, pull, tie, raise or lower something? We develop and manufacture ropes for various uses. The wide portfolio of products for home, workshop and garden can be used in many situations. Car tow ropes, elastic braided ropes, straps or blind cords - they are designed for professional craftsmen as well as for all DIYers in home workshops, gardens or homes. Ropes and cords are a necessity in everyday activities.

The ropes available are:

  • suitable for wet and dry environments,
  • uV resistant,
  • abrasion resistant,
  • floating and non-floating,
  • low-stretch and flexible,
  • easily knotted,
  • coloured and clear.

The ropes are constantly inspected, you can be sure that you will have the best quality product.

ROPE CONSTRUCTION: If you are looking for a rope that is low-stretch and has a circular shape, reach for braided rope with a core. For easier knotting, a braided rope without a core is best. If you can get by with simpler rope construction, the coiled rope is a good choice.

We offer ropes made of natural materials, such as sisal and jute, but also ropes made of man-made fibres. More information about  the materials used can be found HERE.

When selecting a rope for a particular use, it is necessary to know the difference between the strength of the rope and its load capacity. The strength of a rope is the force at which the rope breaks. Load capacity means the maximum working load of the rope, which must not be exceeded when using the rope .


In our wide range you will find ropes and cords that are part and parcel of any self-respecting  home, workshop or garden. 

Advice and tips

In order for the rope to retain its properties and appearance, it is important to handle it correctly, store it properly and, last but not least, choose the right material for the use. You can read all about it right here.

Home, workshop and garden


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