Extraline DUO

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Construction: rope with inner core
Material: polyamide

Rope providing the best grip  to help thread the paper on the most difficult machine sections. Every  strand of the rope is surrounded by braided monofilament. This monofilament breaks after a while and makes the surface of the rope very  rough to provide the best grip.


  •  rope with inner core – for high speed and higher grammage paper
  •  provides the highest grip to thread the paper
  •  due to the rough surface, it is not so easy to splice the rope - please, follow splicing instructions to do smooth splice


  • advanced technology with Supercoationg  (2nd layer of the chemical protection and thermo-stabilization)
  • rough surface but still easy to splice (please follow splicing instructions)
  • optimal for working temperatures around 100 °C with a maximum 180 °C.
Diameter Weight [g/m]
Length on a reel [m/ft]
Rope tension [kg]
10 mm
59.40600/1.96835 - 40
11 mm
12 mm73.30400/1.31250 - 55

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