When working in the construction industry, there is a constant need to lift, lower, pull and tie something down. The wide range of products offered, from bricklaying  and starting strings to elastic braided ropes and straps, are all indispensable on construction sites.

However, it is important to ensure safety when working and to minimize the risk of any injury. Therefore, our offer is also focused on personal safety equipment for the construction industry, such as harnesses, fall arresters or static ropes. You can view the full range of these products HERE.

When selecting a rope for a particular use, it is necessary to know the difference between the strength of the rope and its load capacity. The strength of a rope is the force at which the rope breaks. Load capacity means the maximum working load of the rope, which must not be exceeded when using the rope. When lifting loads, it is recommended to always use rope with a strength at least 5 times higher - this is because various factors, such as UV radiation, abrasion, aging of the material or knots, reduce the declared strength. Loops reduce the strength of ropes by 10%, knots reduce it by up to 50%.

If you haven't made your choice in the products featured here, you can find our full range HERE.


Here you will find all the products you need to work on construction sites.

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