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How to choose the right papermaking rope

How to choose the right papermaking rope

There are two key factors to consider when selecting a paper carrier rope. The first is the type of paper machine and its specific part, the second is the nature of production and the environmental conditions. In our offer, you can find both basic and universal ropes as well as ropes with increased resistance to a wide range of external influences:

  • Basic rope - Powerline
  • Universal rope - Superline
  • Rope with high paper grip - Extraline, Gripline, Safegrip
  • Rope with increased resistance to chemicals - Compact
  • Rope with high abrasion resistance - Technoline, Doubleline
  • Rope for operation at high temperature - UHT

 Whichever way you go, you have a choice between a rope with a core (DUO) and a rope without one (UNO). Ropes with cores are more resistant to vibration,  do not twist, due to their rounder shape, and also hold the paper better. For these reasons, they are suitable for working with higher-weight paper and for machines with higher working speeds.

More detailed information about individual ropes can be found on their dedicated subpages on our website. If you are still not sure which rope to choose, we will be more than happy to help you with your selection.

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