Rigging Pulley TU 400

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Small pulley with full axle and pin locker. Designed for ropes up to 18 mm diameter, the swivelling side plates enable easy installation midline with a ½ turn thumb screw to secure in closed position. The block features a hollow bore on the large lower sheave, this can be used for a secondary positioning line to rig the pulley away from the trunk or a speed line system.

Dimensions: 176×96×88 mm
MBS: 100 kN
WLL: 20 kN
Safety factor: 5:1
Max. cable diameter: <18 mm
Ø of port in the axis: 18 mm
Material: body -forged aluminium; main pivot - stainless steel; rolls - aluminium
Colors available: blue, dark red, black, golden

NameProduct code
TU 400 (1.38 kg)

EN 12278:200

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