Range of extrusion lines

Range of extrusion lines

We produce both fibre and tape on our own extrusion lines and these are the basic building blocks of our other products such as ropes, cords and straps. They are also fully recyclable and pose no health risk.

Multifilament fibre bears the name MULTITEX. Its shape can be circular, hollow or triangular. We offer modifications such as thermofixation and additional twists. These fibres have a wide range of colours, more than 100 different ones. 

The fibre can be ordered as:

  • non-flammable - a yarn with a flame retardant,
  • antimicrobial - a permanent treatment that prevents the activity of microorganisms,
  • antistatic - no dust sticks to the fibre,
  • luminescent - the filament glows for up to 5 hours after recharging in natural or artificial light,
  • abrasion-resistant - the fibre is more flexible, less dusty.

Monofilament fibre is produced under the tradename POLYSTEEL. It is manufactured using a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene. It is supplied as a twisted fibre, therefore it is perfectly suited for further processing when manufacturing ropes or nets, it is also suitable as a core for steel ropes.

Technical split film is used in the production of slings or ship ropes. Its health safety guarantees it can be safely used in the food industry, textile industry or when sewing in a clean operation. Products can be customized to suit requirements - we can adjust the length weight, provide antibacterial or anti-static versions, UV stabilization, thermofixation or make additional twists. The split film is produced fibrillated, non-fibrillated, profiled or designed for sewing threads. 

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