Towing with a winch

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Towing with a winch

Historically, a wire rope has been used to winch the glider into the air. This is often the source of injuries - metal splinters or splinters can cause hand injuries that take a long time to heal. The recoil effect of a rope break is a major threat not only to property but also to life. The SKY Lift rope can easily replace a torn steel rope and give a feeling of safety. The rope stands out for its high strength and low weight. In the event of a break, it poses no danger to the crew, bystanders or other machines in the vicinity.

Winding the SKY Lift rope on a drum or winch on which steel rope was originally used is possible, but it is important to thoroughly clean these devices of any sharp metal splinters first.

 If the glider also uses aero towing for take-off, a suitable towing rope is the SKY Walker SET.

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