Towing by air

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Towing by air

Thanks to the highly resistant rope, Sky Walker will increase the number of takeoffs and significantly reduce the cost of purchasing new rope or rings and couplings. The rope does not soak up water, does not form loops and is pleasant to the touch. Its distinctive colour makes it easy to find in any terrain.

The SKY WALKER SET is a rope that is ready for immediate use. It is equipped with safety rings on one side and a ring system with a reserve lock on the other side. Everything is securely spliced into the rope. The most stressed part of the rope has multiple protection thanks to the high-strength braid.

If only the rope needs to be replaced, a separate tow rope can be used - SKY Walker.

If a winch is also used for glider take-off, then SKY Lift is the most suitable tow rope for this takeoff option.

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