Harness for positioning TIMBER SIT

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Timber sit is a fully adjustable harness for positioning which has been developed for the needs of arborists. It is equipped with a cushioned back support and leg loops adapted to work in hanging position, with adjustable buckles, lateral eyes and a suspension point according to EN 813:2008, and has adjustable aluminium shackles that exclude the risk of accidental unfastening. It is intended to be used primarily as a fall arrester, a protective equipment against falls from a height when working on trees. It provides a comfortable support in the lumbar area, great freedom of movement, and high positioning comfort at work.

SizeWaist Product code
M–XL (1,780 g)
90–115 cmXPTH-030MXL/LANEX
XXL (1,820 g)
100–135 cmXPTH-030XXL/LANEX

EN 813, EN 358

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