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How to extend the life of protective equipment

How to extend the life of protective equipment

In order to maintain the full functionality of protective work equipment, it is important to first secure the working environment. Sharp edges, corrosion, cracks and cuts are a hazardous environment especially for products made of textile materials. These places must always be protected. Exposure to prolonged extreme temperatures or chemicals can lead to material degradation. It is always necessary to read the instructions carefully.

Clean and disinfect the products regularly. Always use the recommended cleaning agents.

  • Ropes, tapes and other textile materials - a cleaning agent for fine textiles. Can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Always rinse thoroughly.
  • Safety shock absorbers- a damp cloth. The absorber must not be immersed in water. If it gets wet, it must be allowed to dry naturally.
  • Plastic parts - water only.
  • Metal parts - must be lubricated for better functionality.

It is ideal to transport the products in protective packaging that prevents moisture from penetrating (we recommend a bag made of impregnated fabric or a plastic/steel case). However, it is important to store these products loosely packed in well ventilated and dry areas. Do not expose them to UV light.


Always follow the instructions. Generally, the equipment can be used for 10 years from the date of manufacture .

ATTENTION: The equipment’s maximum use timedepends on the intensity of use and the environment. Equipment used in harsh conditions, with frequent contact with water, sharp edges, corrosive substances, and extreme temperatures may be removed from use even after a single use.

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