System AC 360

Category: Products  | Occupational safety  | Vertical systems and anchor points

The vertical fall protection system based on guided type fall arrester on a rigid achor line.

The guided-type fall arrester on a rigid anchor line the AC 360 Block System serves as protection against a fall from a height for a person moving on vertical ladders. The system is intended to be mounted on all kinds of permanent access to constructions, e.g. chimneys, towers, masts or buildings. A rope grab installed on a steel wire rope of diameter 8 mm and connected to a front attaching buckle of safety harness is the base of the system.

Essential components of the system such as a wire rope, rope grab, rope connector, screw clips and rope tensioner are made of stainless steel. The system is protection for 2 persons.

EN 353 – 1

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