Ropes and cords

Ropes and cords

If you are looking for a rope that is low-stretch and has a circular shape, reach for braided rope with a core. For easier knotting, a braided rope without a core is best. If you can get by with simpler rope construction, the twisted rope is a good choice.

You will also find ropes for more specific applications such as car ropes, textile cables, bungee cords, starter cords and much more.

When choosing a rope, it is important to look at the material it is made of. Each  material has different properties:

  • HIGH STRENGTH POLYETHYLENE (HMPE) - floating ropes with extreme strength, excellent abrasion resistance and very low elongation. Suitable wherever you need a small diameter, but extreme strength.
  • POLYPROPYLENE - ropes resistant to weather and chemicals, do not soak up water. Suitable for buildings or gardens.
  • POLYESTER - strong ropes with high tensile strength, weather resistant. They can come into contact with water, yet still retaining their softness. Suitable in construction for lifting heavy loads, for garment manufacturing.
  • POLYAMID - strong ropes with high elasticity. Suitable as tie ropes, lifting ropes or pulling ropes. They are used in shipping and land transport, in agriculture or in industry.
  • NATURAL MATERIALS - although they do not excel in strength or resistance to the effects of the environment, they are great for decorative purposes, but also for the garden. They do not slip in the hands and are ideal for climbing or tug-of-war.

If the ropes or cords are to be used outdoors, it is also necessary to focus on their  UV resistance. Well-chosen materials will keep both their properties and appearance for a long time to come.

Material used
UV resistance
Rope with reflective strip Rope with reflective strip

Polypropylene high-strength rope with reflective strip

PP twisted PP twisted

Affordable, water and chemical resistant ropes  with twisted construction.

Ropes and cords from high strength material HMPE Ropes and cords from high strength material HMPE

Extremely strong and durable ropes with excellent resistance to chemical environment.


The rope does not soak up water and resists weather conditions and chemicals.

PPV twisted PPV twisted

Soft, excellent knotting, non-absorbent and UV resistant ropes in many colours.


Waterproof, easy to knot, UV resistant ropes in a wide range of colours.

PA twisted PA twisted

Ropes with excellent strength and very good abrasion resistance that absorb impact energy.

Doesn’t float

Ropes with excellent strength, very good abrasion resistance and relatively high elasticity.

Doesn’t float

Ropes with very high strength, low elongation and high resistance to weathering.

Doesn’t float
Jute ropes and cords Jute ropes and cords

The rope does not slip in the hand and is pleasant to the touch.

Ropes and cords made of sisal Ropes and cords made of sisal

Sisal is resistant to dirt and mites, has arough surfaceand absorbs moisture.

Doesn’t float
Brick laying strings Brick laying strings

Strong cords made of high strength PP multifilament fibre for use in both the workshop and on construction sites.

Starting cords Starting cords

TORNADO cord for starting motor mechanisms.

Avalanche cords Avalanche cords

Cord with excellent resistance to weather conditions and sunlight.

Blind cords Blind cords

Very strong and abrasion resistant braided cord for blinds.

Ski-tow cords Ski-tow cords

Extremely powerful ZENITH PLUS ski-tow cord.

Spiroid ropes and cords Spiroid ropes and cords

Abrasion and UV resistant ropes with a circular shape, ideal as leads for 

Elastic braided ropes Elastic braided ropes

Highly elastic, non-slip tying ropes.

Car towing rope Car towing rope

High strength self-tightening rope .

Textile cables Textile cables

Designer braided cables suitable for every interior.

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