Marine ropes

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Marine ropes

The tensile strength is a basic property of the rope. However, its life is also affected by the environment in which it is used. Factors such as UV radiation, exposure to abrasion, uneven loading or exposure to chemicals can reduce its service life. Therefore, it is important to choose it according to its use and the influences it will be exposed to. At LANEX, all ropes are developed and tested for the most efficient use.

Marine ropes are divided according to the number of strands into:

  • 12 and 8-strand - strong and durable ropes ideal for the marine industry (sea-going ships, transporting materials and people, mining activities on the open sea). The 12-strand rope has a rounder shape and is more resistant to abrasion.
  • 4 and 3-strand - suitable mainly for smaller boats and for fishing.

Replace steel rope with a textile rope. HMPE marine rope made of high-strength material stands out for both its extreme strength and its safety. There is no recoil when it breaks, which significantly reduces the risk of injury and damage to property. The rope is many times lighter, flexible, does not crack and adapts to bending. It is highly abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and resistant to chemicals. HMPE rope is the most advanced textile rope. Its service life is up to 40% longer compared to other textile ropes.

When creating an anchor assembly, we recommend using anchor loops and lugs. Thanks to their elasticity, they absorb shocks and thus protect the primary anchor rope. Forming knots on the rope reduces its strength by up to 55%. Have a fixed eye spliced on the rope, which will only reduce the strength by 10%. Stressed areas can be strengthened by adding protection.

Handling heavy cargo, whether in ports or on the high seas, can be dangerous. High-strength textile loops used when lifting loads can fully replace steel ropes, thanks to their properties and extreme strength.

Safety is very important when working on ships and in ports. That's why at you will find a range of certified and tried-and-tested protective equipment including harnesses, carabiners, fall arresters and helmets.

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