If you are looking for a rope that is low-stretch and has a circular shape, reach for braided rope with a core. For easier knotting, a braided rope without a coreis best. If you can get by with simpler rope construction, the coiled rope is a good choice.

When choosing a rope, it is important to look at the materialit is made of. Each  material has different properties:

  • POLYPROPYLENE - ropes resistant to weather and chemicals, do not soak up water. They are easy to knot and come in a wide range of colours.
  • POLYESTER - strong ropes with high tensile strength, weather resistant. They can come into contact with water, yet still retaining their softness. Suitable for garment production.
  • NATURAL MATERIALS - although they do not excel in strength or resistance to environmental influences, they are great for decorative purposes, e.g. for railings or hanging flowers.

If the ropes or cords are to be used outdoors, it is also necessary to focus on their  UV resistance. Well-chosen materials will keep both their properties and appearance for a long time to come.

We also offer textile cables that will brighten up any interior. Spiroid ropes - a great accessory for pets. They come in different colours and are ideal as leads. Twine made from natural materials is very popular for hanging flowers, Easter or Christmas decorations.

If you haven't found anything you like in these products, you can find the full range HERE.

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