PP twines

Category: Products  | Industrial and hobby ropes  | Twines
Application: Workshop, Camping, Lifting, Industry, Construction, Gardens, Agriculture

Material: polypropylene

Polypropylene is extremely durable and has little stretch. It resists rot, mildew, and moisture damage, making it the longest-lasting twine material. Twines are broadly used for activities such as binding of straw and parcels or in the garden. The twine diameter is expressed in the so-called dtex unit (linear density). A twine of 10,000 dtex is sufficient for normal everyday use.

Linear weight
WeightOrder codePackaging
7.800 dtex
50 gXPPMOT7800-50
36 pcs
10.000 dtex
100 gXPPMOT10000-100
10 pcs
7.800 dtex
250 gXPPMOT7800-250
8 pcs
20.000 dtex
5.000 gMOTOUZK0039
1 pcs

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