Category: Products  | Industrial and hobby ropes  | PA ropes and cords
Application: Workshop, Transporting, Yachting, Camping, Lifting, Industry, Fishing, Sports, Construction, Gardens, Agriculture

Material: polyamide

Ropes have excellent strength, high abrasion resistance and relatively high elasticity, are especially suitable for mooring, winching and towing, as for nautical transport as overland transport, industry and agriculture. If your activities require cords of a very small diameter with great strength, polyamide twisted or braided cords are the right solution.

Basic characteristics

  • non-buoyant
  • higher temperature resistance than polypropylene - working temperature up to 100 °C (softening temperature 170 °C, melting temperature 215 °C)
  • high strength and abrasion resistance
  • high elongation
  • lower acid resistance
  • absorbs moisture
Order code
Package length [m]
Weight [g/m]
Strength [kg]
6 mmwhiteSNURA-S0009910022.2809
8 mmwhiteLANO-S0024210039.51408
10 mmwhiteLANO-S0025810061.72153
12 mmwhiteLANO-S0025910088.83071

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