Self-locking device CR 250 HV

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Self-locking device CR 250 HV for vertical and horizontal operation in a plastic casing with a pull-down steel rope  and a swivel mounted in the casing. The device has an additional shock-absorbing system located near the snap-hook (AZ 002 ASI).
It is intended for work requiring considerable displacement in relation to the point of attachment. No need to use a safety shock absorber. No need to use AZ 800 cable when working horizontally.
The CR 250 HV self-locking device is a component of individual fall protection equipment.
Maximum weight of user: 120 kg.

Product code
6 m (4.8 kg)XPRHCR250HV06AZ02A
8 m (5 kg)XPRHCR250HV08AZ02A
11 m (5.50 kg)XPRHCR250HV11AZ02A

EN 360

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