Rescue stretchers DX 020

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Rescue stretchers DX 020 are specially designed for use in confined spaces with limited access. Their design enables usage in rescue operations at height, operations with helicopter, water rescue operations and military operations thanks to their versatility and ease of use.

Maximal load: 500 kg
Size (unfolded): 2,435×920 mm
Size (folded): 920×180 mm
Weight: 6.26 kg
Material: PVC + PS


  • antibacterial
  • non-inflammable
  • wear resistant
  • flexible

Sold as a set including
Transport backpack with ear for pulling the stretchers with the casualty, sling straps for horizontal transport, 10.5 mm rope for vertical transport, four additional holders for transport by a group of rescuers, snap hooks AZ 018.

TitleProduct code
DX 020XPDX020

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