Working with wire ropes is physically demanding and often dangerous. You can make pulling electrical lines easier and more pleasant. Together with manufacturing and distribution leaders, we have developed the ENERGO line of ropes that meet the requirements of the most demanding jobs. We protect these cutting-edge high-strength textile materials with a surface treatment that is ideal for working in a varied outdoor environment.

Create a safe work environment. Lighten your physical exertion. Stop injuring your palms with cracked wire ropes.

ENERGO FORCE high-strength rope:

  • With its extreme strength it fully replaces the wire rope.
  • It better resists bending, is flexible and at the same time much lighter.
  • The textile material is pleasant to touch and has no sharp edges or fibers.
  • The strands break slowly. In case of a rupture, there is no kickback effect, which minimizes the risk of injury and property damage.
  • When pulled, the rope becomes stressed in various conditions, in the rain, in the forest, over rocks, in a muddy field. It is made for such rugged environments that the surface is treated with special treatment in order to extend the service life of the ENERGO FORCE rope by up to 40% compared to ordinary textile ropes.

Do you install, inspect and perform maintenance on EHV, HV, MV or LV energy equipment? The rope for pulling high-voltage wires is not the only one to use. To facilitate your work, we have prepared an additional line of ropes for lifting material and attaching it.

Lanex is also a reliable partner for all workers workings at heights and above free-fall areas. Our comprehensive range of personal safety equipment is used by rescuers, climbers, arborists, and the military.

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