Jute twines

Category: Products  | Industrial and hobby ropes  | Twines
Application: Decorations, Workshop, Lifting, Industry, Construction, Gardens, Agriculture

Material: jute

Jute twine is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural jute packaging material. It is a twisted natural fiber used in packaging, craft, gardening, in house hold applications. Because of its softness and good tying qualities jute twine is a great packaging material for all items. Jute is used where strength is not a factor.
Jute fiber does tend to be susceptible to brittleness and shredding. You may also see jute twine turn yellow in sunlight. Its strength decreases when it gets wet, and bacteria may decompose jute twine more quickly in humid climates.

Linear weight
WeightOrder codePackaging
500 x 3 tex
10 pcs
500 x 3 tex
10 pcs
500 x 3 tex
8 pcs
500 x 2 tex
6 pcs

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