Fitness rope STROPER

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Application: Sports

Material: polyester, polypropylen multifilament MULTITEX
Construction: braided 16- strand PES rope with braided PP fibre MULTITEX core

STROPER ropes are made in lengths of 10-20 m and terminated with 10 or 20 cm long grips (heat shrink plastic tubing) on both ends. In the place of gripping, the rope core is sewn to the rope sheath to prevent sheath slippage and separation of the sheath from the core when doing exercises. Upon request,a 50 cm long rope protector can be placed in the middle of the rope to increase the durability of the rope in the place of bending (rope midpoint).

Basic characteristics

  • hight weight per meter
  • very good abrasion resistance
  • pleasant to the touch
  • durability
  • best choice for gymnasiums and outdoor areas
DiameterOrder codeWeight  [g/m]Package length [m] 
30 mmLANO-P0051357010
30 mmLANO-P0051457015
35 mmLANO-P0035078010
35 mmLANO-P0051678015
40 mmLANO-P0035593010
40 mmLANO-P0051593015

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