Fibrillated polypropylene split film

Category: Products  | Polypropylene yarn and split film  | Polypropylene split film
Application: Electrical industry, Industrial ropes, Nets for building industry and transport, Technical textiles

Polypropylene split film produced in a linear weight 1,500–33,000 dTex and in 9 colours design.

Fibrillated polypropylene split film is used for the production of marine ropes, enclosures, towing ropes, filters, as filler and insulation for cables or, for example, for production of straps.

Properties of fibrillated PP split film

  • it floats in water (the density of the material is lower than water density)
  • when stretched, it forms a net
  • dyed in material
  • can be oiled
  • possibility of UV stabilisation application
  • product health certificate


  • strength 3.8-4.1 cN/dtex, 5-7 % elongation

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