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A reliable business partner. The You can be sure company slogan captures the very gist of our relationship with the customers. The tradition of production of textile ropes in Bolatice dates back to 1949. The LANEX brand has been expanding successfully since the nineties of the 20th century.

Since the beginning of the nineties, the basic business strategy has been an orientation to export, building of a company of a European format on the basis of specialization, development, application of new technologies, quality and flexibility. LANEX operates on a  worldwide scale with deliveries to more than 50 countries with the dominant share being held by EU countries and Russia. The share of export makes 85 % of the total sales.

About us


  • 25. 11. 2016

    Acknowledgement – METSTRADE 2016

    We want to say thanks to anyone who visited us at the METS Trade Fair in Amsterdam. In the competition of 41 exhibiting rope manufacturers.
  • 14. 10. 2016

    Biograd Boat Show 2016

    Yachting enjoys increasing popularity among the public and our company does not lag behind and responds to the needs of the market.
  • 08. 09. 2016

    IMPA London 2016

    LANEX will take part in one of the worldʼs leading exhibitions focused on shipbuilding industry, the  IMPA LONDON 2016, also this year.
  • 31. 07. 2016

    General factory holiday

    Dear Business Partners, we would like to inform you that our company will be closed because of general factory holiday from 8 to 19 August 2016.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • 26. 07. 2016

    Acknowledgement for LANEX - KANAT

    The Russian market has its specificities but this fact does not prevent our subsidiary company LANEX - KANAT from adapting itself and learning customs and traditions, while maintaining rigorous criteria for services provided to our customers in the Russian Federation.
  • 28. 06. 2016

    LANEX as a part of the GLADIATOR RACE again

    LANEX is a traditional supporter of major as well as minor events where the organizers have been appreciating the quality of our ropes and trusting LANEX over the years.