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Lanex a.s.


A reliable partner. The You can be sure company slogan captures the very gist of our relationship with the customers. The tradition of technical textile production in Bolatice dates back to 1949.

About the company


  • Luminescent polypropylene fibre

    19. 11. 2015
    After the approval process lasting several months, our luminescent polypropylene fibre has been officially included in the worldwide database of materials called MateriÓ.
  • We have sampled a hollow fibre

    29. 10. 2015
    It is an absolute novelty and technological progress in the entire history of LANEX a.s. Polypropylene fibre with cavity has excellent properties that are similar to the properties of a standard fibre but give the client a more voluminous material. Thanks to those properties, the hollow fibre will find its application in the production of ropes and webbings. LANEX proves that, thanks to new technologies, it is able to maintain high quality and all positive properties of the product with saving of material.
    The development engineers of LANEX will continue investigating its utilization in additional applications.
  • We have developed a comfortable full body harness

    16. 10. 2015
    You can read already from the name of the harness, ENERGY, that the intention of our technical staff was to develop a harness that would give you maximum energy for your work while maintaining the high comfort of motion without concentrating your mind on other external influences. The harness is suitable especially for work in industry and power engineering.
  • LANEX is the general sponsor of a yacht race again

    18. 09. 2015
    The 3rd annual race under the name of ČANY – LANEX OFFSHORE CUP will take place in the southern Baltic Sea waters from 20th to 24th September 2015. Nine boats will take part in the race this year which only the most experienced and most hardened crews are able to face.
  • Meeting of professionals in the recreational boat industry

    25. 08. 2015
    We are inviting all boat owners and fans of water sports to Slapy where a meeting of professionals in the recreational boat industry will take place. This event takes place on 28th August from 9:00 a.m. at the grounds of the Blue Boathouse. LANEX as the leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of yachting ropes will have its presentation at 1:40 p.m. Boat owners will be given a lot of useful advice about the ropes and lines of their yachts. Next day you can take part in the Spite Regatta and to buy ropes at the stand of LANEX YACHTING ROPES.

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