Winch RUP 505 A

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RUP 505 A is a rescue lifting device equipped with clamp for mounting of the device on a tripod leg. The lifting device operates wih static textile ropes of length as required by the customer. The rope should be ordered separately.

Rup 505 A is a component of rescue ewuipment. Using the device, a casualty can be lifted from a lower level onto a higher level or vice-versa.
With the ratio used in the mechanism, it is possible to make one turn of the drum per 2.13 turns of the device´s crank or in the second mode, 6.2 turns.

The crank is easily dismountable to facilitate transport.
The RUP 505 A rescue device complies with EN 1496/B. Rescue of two persons.
Length of rope not limited.
Lifting device weight: 8 kg
Rope type: diameter from 10 to 11 mm, static textile rope conforms with EN 1891

TitleProduct code
RUP 505 A (8 kg)XPRLDRUP505A

EN 1496 B

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