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Tow rope with integrated TOST ring pair with weak link including protective sleeve and reverse insert.

The highly durable SKY Walker SET contains TOST ring pair with weak link including protective sleeve and reverse insert. To connect the towing aircraft, the rope is equipped with the The SKY Walker set contains TOST ring pair with weak link including protective sleeve and reverse insert.. On the glider´s side, the rope is finished with the pair of TOST rings in stitched eye. Stitch is certified with breaking load test 2 000 kg.

Critical part is the end of the line just behind the rings. The last meter of the rope is stressed the most during the landing on the ground. For even greater durability, is protected with a special sleeve made of high-strength fibers.

Compared to the mostly used polyamide rope, our rope offers many advantages. It has a higher resistance to abrasion and its most critical parts are well protected The rope does not change diameter neither the weight when gets wet. It does not create loops, the stiffness is ideal . Rope offers higher maximum load with a safety factor of 1:4. The elongation of the rope is 10%, so it absorbs force without kickback and on the other hand it does not stretch to much. The red color of the rope makes it easy to find. The integrated elements are certified andwith a safety seam with a tested strength of 2000 kg.

All components comply with the LN 65091 standard.

* The reserve insert system eliminates the risk of a situation where the main insert breaks under the lower load, because of wear by time.

Length [m]BL [daN]Color
10 mm50500red

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