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Extremely strong and durable textile rope for the rope winch.

This rope made of high-strength material has extreme strength and endurance, which makes it ideal to replace steel rope on the winch, which is heavy and might be dangerous.

Safety is big advantage of the SKY Lift tow rope. The rope is flexible, adapts to bending and does not crack.

No sharp edges or metal parts in your palms. If the rope breaks, there will be no kickback effect, which minimizes the risk of injury and property damage.

The rope is light but is many times stronger than steel at the same weight. It allows takeoffs to greater heights for shorter distances.

If you are going to use a textile rope on a drum or winch where a steel rope was used before, you need to thoroughly remove any sharp cuts from the device first.

The SKY Lift rope is finished with 3 cm spliced eye on the glider side.

Weight [g/m]Length [m]BL [daN]Color
5 mm14.3800-30002200silver

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