PP/PE yarn

Category: Products  | Polypropylene yarn and split film  | PP/PE yarn
Application: Electrical industry, Industrial ropes, Nets for building industry and transport, Technical textiles

High tenacity monofilament yarn produced in a linear weight 1,500–3,000 DEN.

We manufacture this yarn under the trade name POLYSTEEL.

Basic characteristic

  • resistance to climatic conditions
  • resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents
  • good colour fastness
  • hygiene safety
  • floats on water
  • 100 % recyclable fibre
  • dyed in the mass
  • embossed (serrated) – can be made without embossing

Used as material for the production of

  • cords, braided and twisted ropes
  • marine ropes
  • braided netting
  • cores for steel ropes

We supply the fibre with standard UV radiation stabilisation up to 80 - 100 kLy, but it can be stabilised up to 300 kLy. The fibres are merged into twine.

Manufactured finenesses
Resultant finenesses of twine
1,500 DEN
6,600 dtex (4 fibre) – 60,000 dtex (36 fibre)
50/50: 20,000 dtex – 70,000 dtex; 80/20: 21,000 dtex – 60,000 dtex
3,000 DEN
33,300 dtex (10 fibre) a 40,000 dtex (12 fibre)


  • the fibers can also be wound on winding heads, where are min.4 threads and max. 12 threads per spool


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