Mustang line

Category: Products  | Industrial and hobby ropes  | Electric fencing ropes and cords
Application: Animals

Material: PP twine, stainless steel wire

Universal, conventional fencing rope made of polypropylene twine with an excellent performance to price ratio. The standard colour is clear but it can be made in other colours as required by the customers. The choice of diameters, strength and colour are the ideal combination for temporary and permanent fences for horses. 

Basic characteristics

  • high strength
  • good resistance to UV radiation and weather effects
  • good handling during installation
  • possibility of multiple use
  • favourable ratio of use properties and price
  • guaranteed service life 4 years (under standard conditions with all principles of use being adhered to)


  • ideal for temporary and permanent fences of both short and long distances for horses
  • suitable for cattle and sheep and/or protection against wild animals
Strength [daN]UV radiation resistance
Number of wires
Resistance [ohm/100 m]Conductivity
5 mm550good3 x 0.4 230very good
6 mm770good
3 x 0.4230very good
6 mm760good
9 x 0.15540good
6 mm710good
6 x 0.2460good
6 mm770good
6 x 0.4110very good
8 mm1.120good
3 x 0.4230very good
8 mm1.170good
6 x 0.2460good

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