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Lanex is a partner of glider pilots 6.8.2021

Lanex is a partner of glider pilots

This year we brought a new product line of ropes for towing gliders to the market. We worked on these products and developed them in collaboration with experienced glider pilots. And we became partners with these very experienced pilots. The Czech national gliding team takes off with Sky Walker ropes. This team has just relocated to France in order to train under local conditions for the 36th World Gliding Championships. The championships are held at Montluçon-Guéret Airport in central France. Competition will stand from August 7th to 21th 2021, training from August 1rst to 6th included. The Czech team will take part in these races under the leadership of their captain, Ing. Petr Krejčiřík, and a maximum number of 6 competitors.

They will compete in three classes, namely Pavel Loužecký and Miloslav Cink in the Standard class, Karel Novák and Roman Mraček in 15m, and Tomáš Suchánek and Jan Pavlík in Club.

Information on the progress of the championships and the results of each flight day can be tracked at www.wgc2021.fr

Keep your fingers crossed for our team! Take off safely!

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