Energo Force

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High-strength rope for extra high voltage lines.

This rope, made of high-strength textile material, has an extreme durability and strength that allow it to fully replace the often dangerous and heavy wire rope. ENERGO FORCE is stronger and at the same time several times lighter. Working with this rope is less strenuous and much more precise. The material is flexible, it resists bending and therefore its strands do not break. A heavy-duty braid protects the high-strength rope from damage. The special surface increases its durability even more. ENERGO FORCE has up to 40% longer service life compared to ordinary rope, it does not absorb water, it is oil resistant and UV protected. Ideal for working in a changing outdoor environment.

Safety is the big advantage of this rope. No sharp edges, cracked or rusty strands piercing your palms. The surface treatment not only increases the durability of the rope, but also reinforces its integrity. This layer prevents the rope from becoming soiled with dirt and rocks, keeping it pleasant to the touch. If the rope breaks, there will be no kickback, which minimizes the risk of injury and property damage. In addition, the combination of the colors of the gray of the rope itself and the black of the braid make any damage recognizable to the naked eye.

ENERGO FORCE is finished with 30 cm spliced eye. 

If you are going to wind a textile rope on a drum or winch where a wire rope was used before, it is necessary to thoroughly remove any sharp cuts from this equipment.

Weight [g/m]
Working load 5:1 [kg]Standard coil length  [m]
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
14 mm1301962800
16 mm1653139500

diameters 18. 20. 22. 24 mm on request

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