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The INDY EVO PLUS is a manually operated descender which allows the lowering of two people at the same time, and which has a double auto-locking system that locks both when the lever is released or when it is pressed.
It is also a descender (conforming to EN 12841 type C) for working rope which allows descent at a controlled speed and stopping at any time, hands free, on a static rope (EN 1891) or dynamic rope (EN 892). Lightweight and compact in size, the INDY EVO is very durable thanks to the stainless steel cams, has low maintenance requirements, and is extremely versatile which makes it a sought after device in the rope access industry. For ropes ø 10–12 mm.

Product code
801 INDY EVO (480 g)X80104

EN 341/A, EN 12841-C

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