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Application: Electrical industry, Industrial ropes, Nets for building industry and transport, Technical textiles

Yarn with a flame retarding additive and tested according to standards class B1.

Under the trade name ANTIPYREX we manufacture high-strength polypropylene technical yarn with a flame retarding additive (retardant).

We proceed primarily from the needs of building companies that use safety netting made of fire resistant materials. ANTIPYREX is tested according to standards DIN 4102, class B1 and DIN 4102, class B2 and also standard FMSS 302. The retardants used have only a minimal influence on strength and UV stability.

Basic characteristics

  • resistance to climatic conditions
  • resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents
  • good colour fastness
  • hygiene safety
  • 100 % recyclable fibre
  • UV radiation stabilisation

Used for the manufacture of

  • twisted and braided marine and industrial ropes
  • woven technical textiles
  • rope netting for building industry and transport
  • applications in electrical industry, etc.
Manufactured linear weight
550 dtex - 3,300 dtex
clear or according to colour card (can be adapted to customer reguirement)

Possible modifications

  • air intermingled
  • non-air intermingled
  • thermofixation
  • additional twists and twisting (30 to 200 twists per metre)
  • the possibility of twisting the fibers into the required constructions, for example [(dTex 1,100 × 6) × 3] = dTex 19,800


  • package form - cross-wound on cylindrical paper tubes with dimensions: height 300 mm, internal diameter x 75 mm 
  • weight of standard spool 5 kg - 9 kg
  • package height 250 mm


The spools are packed in PE bags and placed in cardboard boxes (1,120×800×910 mm) that are arranged on pallets (1,200×800 mm). They are arranged in three layers each of 18 spools. A box contains 54 spools and has a total weight of 280 kg net. Can be packaged according to wishes of customer.

Certificates for downloading


Color variants on request: Color card

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