Industrial and hobby ropes

Ropes made of natural materials

Ropes made of natural materials
Ropes made of natural materials

Ropes and cords made of natural materials can be a very outstanding decorative element indoors as well as outdoors. Of course, they have also many applications in the garden, in agriculture and forestry. They are not exceptionally strong or resistant to the effects of the environment but as they do not slip in hands, they are also suitable for sport purposes – rope climbing or tug of war.

Ropes made of natural materials were long ago made redundant in many areas by more efficient synthetic ropes. In spite of this, these ropes still have their appeal in engineering industry in the production of steel wire ropes for their ability to absorb greases (this ability is a key characteristic for this industry) and in civil engineering (they do not slip in hands).

Natural ropes with diameters of 8 mm and more are made with a polypropylene core.

Basic characteristics:

  • no resistance to acids
  • good resistance to alkalies and organic solvents
  • low resistance to UV radiation
  • rough to the touch
  • biodegradable material
  • grease absorbing


  • engineering – sisal cores for steel wire ropes
  • civil engineering – ancillary ropes (for lifting of loads by means of polleys)
  • decorative purposes, etc


  • spliced with eyes
  • endless ropes
  • incorporated components – metallic, plastic (thimbles, hooks, karabiners, etc.)
  • special lengths


  • plastic spools, coils, etc...

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