Our high-strength multifilament PP fibre is sold under the name MULTITEX. We provide the fibre in linear densities of 550 to 3300 dtex (500-3000 den).

The fibre's characteristic properties – high resistance to weather effects, acids, alkalies and solvents, as well as colour fastness and hygienical safety – make the fibre suitable as starting material for the manufacture of threads, cords, braided and twisted ropes, woven webbings, netting and filter cloths.

Thanks to its excellent technical parameters and price-to-density ratio, it can replace polyester fibres in some applications.

Our standard fibre comes with a standard UV stabilization of 80-100 kLy, but may be stabilized up to 300 kLy.


  • possibility of different finishes
  • additional twists and twisting (30 to 500 twists per metre)



  • package structure: cross-wound on cylindrical paper tubes measuring 300 x 75 x 87 mm
  • full spool weight 4 -5 kg
  • package height 250 mm
  • full spool diameter 220 mm

The spools are packed in PE bags and placed in cardboard boxes (1120 x 800 x 910 mm) that are arranged on pallets (1200 x 800 mm). The spools are packed in three layers, each containing 18 units. A fully packed box has 54 spools and weighs 270 kg.


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