Electric fences

Excelent line

Excelent line

We offer a wide variety of colours and colour combinations as required by the customers which can be combined to match company colours. Our colours guarantee a high visibility. The high strength of the ropes lowers the possibility of destruction of the fence by rupture and their softness allows for easy handling. 

The EXCELLENT LINE fencing ropes are made of high-tenacity fibres MULTITEX and stainless steel wires.


clear, yellow, red, green, blue, black, signal colours; and their combinations Bicolor – Tricolor – DeLux


  • high strength
  • high resistance to UV radiation and weather effects
  • long-term colour fastness
  • easy handling, possibility of multiple use
  • very good visibility for animals
  • guaranteed service life 5 years

(under standard conditions with all principles of use being adhered to)


  • ideal for temporary and permanent fences of both short and long distances for horses
  • suitable for cattle and sheep and/or protection against wild animals


on paper cores, on plastic spools

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