Marine ropes

Cyclic loading test

Cyclic loading test

LANEX a.s. has an own test equipment for cyclic loading of ropes

The test equipment is designed to be used for cyclic loading tests of ropes made of synthetic materials which will be used in applications exposed to cyclic loading in service. The procedure of prototype rope testing for determination of the TCLL value is specified in OCIMF (OIL COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL MARINE FORUM) guidelines.
The entire product line of composite ropes - CRUISER PLUS, CRUISER, MASTER meets the cyclic test requirements.

What is the test procedure?

The cyclic loading test is performed at defined levels of loading in wet conditions. The rope sample is loaded with the prescribed number of cycles at individual levels of loading at a prescribed rate until the sample breaks or 2000 cycles at an 80% level of loading is achieved. The achieved number of cycles is used to calculate the TCLL level of loading at which the rope would break at 1000 cycles. The test course is continuously recorded by means of a computer and the final test report is based on this computerized record.

In this way, LANEX a.s. extended the scope of services offered and is able to test any rope delivered and to make out a test report.

More detailed information about the cyclic loading test are available upon request.