Marine ropes



An advanced plaited composite 8-strand rope with highest tensile strength from our range. The basic material of the rope is a mixture of Polys and high-tenacity polyester fibres. High-tenacity polyester multifilament fibres on the surface of the rope strands significantly increase the abrasion resistance against internal and external friction, excellent chemical resistance except in the presence of alkalis, resistance to warming-up of the rope surface with subsequent melting of surface fibres and resistance to UV degradation in which way the total service life of the rope is prolonged.

Cruiser Plus is very high tensile strength rope in comparison with standard ropes which allows to use ropes with smaller diameters which require less storage space. In addition, the rope exhibits better handling properties and non-rotating behavior in both dry and wet conditions.

Basic characteristics:

  • permanently floatable on water
  • easy spliceable
  • tested in accordance with EN 2307 and OCIMF guidelines


  • marine and off-shore applications: general fishing, inland shipping, merchant navy, mooring lines, mooring tails


  • spliced with eyes
  • special lengths
  • reworked components - metal, plastic (eye sockets, hooks, karabiners, etc)
  • colours and colour combinations according to customer wish (for special colours, a minimum 15-ton order is requested)


  • coils


Technical parameters

8 strand braided (4×2) -  L
rope construction Konstrukce lana L
diameter 32 - 104 mm
circumference / inches 4" - 13"
strength / kg 28400 - 228 000
strength / kN 278 - 2235
min. relative strength 6.50 cN/­dtex

7.40 g/den

density 1.004 g/cm3
floating yes
softening temperature 225°C
maximum application temperature 180°C
working temperature (of environment) to 120°C
UV resistance outstanding
acid resistance outstanding
alkaline resistance outstanding
resitance to organic solvents very good

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