ANTIPYREX is the trade name of our high-tenacity endless polypropylene technical fibre with a flame retarding additive.

It is designed for industrial sectors where fire resistance of textile materials is required.The initial intention resulted from the needs of building companies that used safety nets made of fire resistant materials. Tests of the fire resistant fibre were made in accordance with standards specifying requirements for fire resistance of building materials. The ANTIPYREX fibre is tested according to standards DIN 4102, Class B1 and DIN 4102, Class B2. The flame retarders used do not affect strength, UV stability or the certified hygienic safety of the fire resistant polypropylene fibre. Both this fact and the good workability (new capacities for doubling and twisting) allow the ANTIPYREX fibre to be used for many other applications in the sphere of technical textiles – twisted and braided ropes and cords, woven technical textiles, rope nets for building industry and transport, electrical industry, etc.

ANTIPYREXis made in linear densities of 550 dtex to 3300 dtex as clear (colourless) fibre or in basic colours ( according to colour card).

  • untwisted, finished, air intermingled (or not)
  • twisted, finished, air intermingled (or not)

ANTIPYREX is a fibre suitable for environments according to certificate.


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