About us

About us

Who we are

A reliable business partner. The You can be sure company slogan captures the very gist of our relationship with the customers. The tradition of production of textile ropes in Bolatice dates back to 1949. The LANEX brand has been expanding successfully since the nineties of the 20th century.

Since the beginning of the nineties, the basic business strategy has been an orientation to export, building of a company of a European format on the basis of specialization, development, application of new technologies, quality and flexibility. LANEX operates on a  worldwide scale with deliveries to more than 50 countries with the dominant share being held by EU countries and Russia. The share of export makes 85 % of the total sales.

At the beginning of the 21st century we are a dynamically expanding company which does not want to live only from history, but we are ready to co-create the future of our industry.

What we do and why we do it

We bring technologically advanced products from different fields of technical textiles. From high-tenacity polypropylene fibres to fibres for artificial lawns, from marine ropes to mountaineering or rescue ropes. We orientate ourselves to specialization, alcove markets, prompt deliveries to measure and in due time.

We see to it that we satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers in maximum quality, promptly and exactly and we establish resources for further development of the company and execution of assignments laid down by its shareholders, all that in conformity with development of quality of personnel and protection of the environment.

What is our mission

To satisfy in a flexible way the needs of customers with products from the field of technical textiles with orientation to the world market and especially those segments that require specialized solutions.

To build and consolidate partnership with customers by way of individual approach to the customer, permanent care of quality, development of products, and increase of their use value. To strengthen the image of a reputable, respected and successful company that builds its name on the world market.